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How I Tackle My Redness And Irritated Skin

For someone who has always had a problem with redness skin which only gets covered up with foundation the day, I have a few products which I use to help and sooth the skin. Every night, I use the Boots Expert sensitive micellar water + soothing aloe vera which only costs £2.50 which I use to… Continue reading How I Tackle My Redness And Irritated Skin


BFRB awareness week

Body Focused Repetitive Behaviour is an umbrella term that includes compulsive disorders such as dermatillomania (skin picking), dermatophagia(skin chewing or biting), scab eating disorder, trichotillomania (hair pulling), trichophagia (hair eating), trichotemnomia (hair cutting or shaving), onychotillomania (nail picking or pulling), onychophagia (nail biting) and rhinotillexomania (nose picking). BFRB week is amazing because it gives people like me hope and it educates the general public, but it also stirs up a lot… Continue reading BFRB awareness week


A Day In My Life With Trichotillomania

Since age 12, I have suffered from an obsessive-compulsive condition called trichotillomania, which involves constant urges to pull out my hair. Sometimes I feel my scalp burning and ripping out a strand creates a sense of relief. Other times I pull hair subconsciously. I have tried using stress balls, wearing rubber gloves, cross-stitching, wearing hats—all… Continue reading A Day In My Life With Trichotillomania