Social Media Numbers

Now, some of you know that every single social media page these days have numbers and some people ( for example me) work hard for them. We all start from the bottom and some people either get it handed to them or even pay for them.

PAYING for followers, fans, subscribers and many more is illegal work as many platforms like Youtube, Twitter, Tik Tok and many more, wipe out the bot accounts as they are mainly inactive which costs people to lose followers, subscribers and many more. I know many people who do this and who have fans who do this and well, IT’S WRONG. You know who you are and it’s the wrong way to gain a following.

Some of us work hard at what we do for our content and I’ve personally worked since 2012 on Youtube as I used to be known as Amethyst Ninja who had over 600 subscribers. I admit, I deleted my channel as I had many life issues but now I focus on my new one which I try to post regularly. If I’m being honest, I’ve started from a low number of subscribers but I’ve gained through my content, friends and many more.

Tik Tok, one of my many places that I’ve been posting on as I started it as a joke until one of my video’s got 26K views and since then, I’ve been keeping up with the trends and I’ve gained fans on there who even send me the sweetest messages as so many people know about my trichotillomania as I did a video on there about it and it was nice to see so many people understand me and I’m grateful for it.

Now, some people would say social media number’s don’t matter but for an influencer, they do as I’m a part of The Blogging Programme which uses all my following and interactions for brand deals. All those interactions with my tweets are helping me with securing a chance to promote an item. I’ve been doing my website for two years now ( 3 in January) and I’ve had ups and downs with partnerships but I’m slowly getting there as I’ve started from a motorsport based website to a website about things I want to write about and I’m happy about it.

I find that some people will act as if social media number’s don’t matter when they don’t actually admit it’s how it got them tho where they are now.

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