Racing Pride Launches

A brand new LGBTQ+ Network has been launched today. This network is helping drivers like Sarah Moore who is from W Series, Charlie Martin who hopes to be on the grid for Le Mans (Fingers Crossed to see this happen as it would be historic and I’d be glad to see a transgender driver competing at the Le mans), Also there is Richard Morris who is the co-founder and who currently races for  Spire Sports Cars in their GT3s Prototype car. Finally, for the drivers, we have Nick Reeve who is currently with Specialized Motorsport which he was in the UK Clio Cup Championship.

There is also media representation from Christopher Sharp who is involved with the Autosport Academy, a commentator on the Motorsport Radio and is involved with many other motorsports radio related. We also have Joe Holmes who is a Sky Sports editor and the co-founder of the LGBTQ+ sports media. We also have the likes of Thierry Courtois who is a creative designer at Mahindra Racing and we also have W Series’ Communication Director, Matt Bishop.

I hope to see more drivers and media representatives involved as this is a brilliant idea and I hope to see more LGBTQ+ drivers on the grid in any motorsport, good luck to Charlie and here’s a link to the crowdfunding page.

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