My Top 5 Favourite MAC Lipsticks

As a makeup user/guru. I always like to pop into MAC and look at their lipsticks, I have recently done a video using their new Aladdin Collection on Youtube .

Anyway, I use a lot of red lipsticks from MAC and I own a few, let’s get started on my top 5 MAC lipsticks.

  1. Death By Chocolate


This liquid lipstick has a deep, reddish-plum with subtle, warm undertones and cooler fuchsia and red pearl. It had good pigmentation that applied evenly across my lips without emphasizing my lip lines too much, though there was a slight product that settled there. The metallic sheen helped to camouflage the settling from a normal viewing distance.





This lipstick is a muted, medium-dark plum with moderate, warm undertones and a semi-matte finish. It had a nearly opaque colour payoff in a single layer, which applied evenly and smoothly across my lips without dragging. The texture was velvety, lightweight, and creamy enough to be comfortable to apply and to wear. There was a touch of product that sank into my deeper lip lines but not enough that it was visible from a normal viewing distance.


3. New York Apple


with this beautiful red colour, but especially ALL THAT FROST!

I remember hating frost, and I still do. And this was one of my greatest disappointments.

I bought this lipstick when I was 15 years old. I remember wanting DESPERATELY to buy a MAC lipstick. I had just started with my whole makeup OCD, and I wanted a statement red that would suit me.

I admit that if I ever have a doubt about how a colour will suit me, or how does it really look (NEVER rely on its own brand’s description or swatch) I reach out for Christine’s reviews and swatches of the product.

The problem is, I found this lipstick, which is quite beautiful on itself, and it looked amazing on Christine too, I must say! But it is just not right for me, and I bought it in the MAC hype you might’ve all experienced at least once, and I was young, etc.

4.Princess Incognito



This lipstick isa muted, medium pink with neutral undertones and a cream finish. The pigmentation was nearly opaque in a single layer, while the texture was lightly creamy, emollient without being slippery, and denser in the tube but not to the point where it dragged or tugged on my lips during application. The colour applied evenly but had a tendency to separate along my deeper lip lines.


5. Viva Glam I



I have the anniversary one at the moment, which I love so much because it is a medium-dark red with subtle, cool undertones and a satin finish. It has a rich, opaque colour payoff that applied evenly across the lips and never tugged during application which I always love about lipsticks as I want my lips to stand out for my looks.


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