We all have our favorite Lush products which we usually buy when we walk into Lish shop, here are the products which I like to buy and why I buy them.

1.’NEW’ Shampoo bar


As someone who pulls their hair out thanks to Trichotillomania. I have always found shampoo annoying as I currently have shaved hair as I shaved it due to that fact I was assuasive pulling, so when I went into to Lush I wanted to find a shampoo which could help with the growth of my hair.

I was recommended this shampoo bar which I still have to this day as I brought it in January and it has lasted me so far. The shampoo bar contains peppermint which helps to stimulate hair roots, rosemary which is for calming and soothing as I find my scalp can bleed after I’ve pulled a hair out and some Clove Bud Oil which is again for stimulating.

This product only costs £7.50 and I would recommend it to anyone who has the same problems as me.


2. ‘Sleepy’ Shower gel


As some who has trouble getting calmed for bed, I have tried many things such as spraying some sleep mist which smells of lavender and rubbing baby oil on my legs to help my muscles to relax.

This shower gel contains Oat milk which is rich and soothing, contains lavender which is usually used for helping to calm you down for bed,  Ylang ylang oil which can wash away any worries you have and it allows you to sink into bedtime, or start your day, with serenity.

There are many prices for this product as for 110g it will cost around £5.95


3. ‘Intergalactic’ Bath Bomb


As for someone who loves space and galaxy stuff, since I saw this bath bomb I have been obsessed with this as it’s very galaxy like and very pretty as well as glittery.

The smell of this bath bomb is amazing as it smells of Grapefruit which is refreshing for your skin and uplifting for your skin. This has peppermint oil which is very stimulating and refreshing, contains some Vetivert Oil which is relaxing and restorative.

I would recommend anyone who likes all things galaxy as it only costs £4.75. I always buy this product every time I got into Lush.


4.’Sleepy Face’  Naked Cleansing Balm


As by the title, this isn’t packaged as it’s designed as a package free cleansing balm. You will need something to contain the balm in like a tin which you can buy from Lush which cost around £2.95 for the square tin which I use for it.

I use this usually before bed when I take off my makeup and I use this for any last bits of foundation which I’ve missed. I usually put my hand in some hot water which isn’t too hot and I rub the balm in my hands then I apply it to my face, I rinse off the oil and I dry my face which makes my face very shiny and helps my face with any spots as they are balanced out.

I would recommend this to everyone as it’s good for skin and it has become a part of my skin care routine and it only costs £4.95.


5. ‘Bubblegum’ Lip scrub


Finally, we have my favorite lip scrub which I use before I put on any lipstick as I tend to get dry lips, as well as I put it on as I kiss my boyfriend a lot. This lip scrub definitely softens up your lips and leaves them feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Rubbing it on your lips also brings the blood up to your lips, making them look pinker and fuller as well as making your lips feel really smooth. Furthermore, Lush lip scrubs last a really long time. On the other hand, they can be a bit messy, leaving sugar all over your face.

Overall, it’s not bad for £6.50.


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