This week has got me feeling the true vibes of autumn. Autumn has to be my favorite month because of all the colours on the trees, the being able to burn candles and just starting to wear all those jumpers you have had packed up in your wardrobe from the year before. I want to fully appreciate autumn (that sounds odd but if you LOVE autumn true you will understand me!) so this little to do list is of things I want to do this season!

 Top Up My Autumn Wardrobe

For me autumn is the best time of the year dress wise. All the turtle necks are in, all the scarves and coats come out, not forgetting the woolly jumpers. I have a few left over from last year, but there is nothing like popping into Primark and doing a bit of an autumn haul as I truly believe that autumn is the best time to find some real bargains in Primark.

 An Autumn Photo-shoot

I keep saying to myself I want to take more fashion and less beauty photos for my blog and Instagram and autumn is the PERFECT season to kick it off with. I did a photo-shoot this time last year with my friends Matt and Bailey, and I plan to do another one because it was ~ LOADS ~ of fun and I think our photography skills have improved a lot so it will be cool to compare them!

Pass My Driving Test

I have been learning to drive since March believe it or not, and it has definitely been an emotional but exciting experience, and I am nearly ready to take my test. I have booked it and I really want to pass because I want the freedom of being able to drive. The test in the UK changes in December, so I am striving to do it before then!!

Celebrate Halloween

I FREAKING LOVE HALLOWEEN! I love the whole concept and I think being a blogger gives me the slight excuse to go a bit overboard with the holiday, however I never really seem to celebrate it on the actual day!! I know how weird!! I used to go trick or treating when I was younger but being nearly 18 I think I have grown out of that stage… Ha ha! I hosted a scary movie night last year for my friends and we had Domino’s which was a lot of fun, however this year I think I am going to go all out and have a Halloween themed party. I am so looking forward to it!

Try The New Lush Products

“URGHH not Lush talk again?!” Yes but sorry not sorry it is a key moment of autumn!! The new Christmas and Halloween Lush range comes out soon with some familiar products and some new ones. I am actually on a bit of a spending ban at the moment, which might I add is very unusual for me, but I will make an exception and buy some of the new products and some of my old faves!

 Be Adventurous With The Costa And Starbucks Menus

Yes I am a pumpkin spiced latte and gingerbread latte kinda gal, but THEY ARE TOO GOOD TO RESIST! However this year I want to try some of the other drinks from both shops because every year they do seem really good but I just never go for them. Costa is my go to cafe, so I also want to try Starbucks more often!

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